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Uber Eat 10 Off - December 2023

What Is Uber Eats?

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Uber Eats is a food delivery service based in San Francisco. It kicked off in 2014 as UberFRESH and served customers in the Los Angeles area. The company expanded to other states and changed its name to Uber Eats in 2015. This well-known company’s app currently serves customers in several countries, including the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

You can order food from local restaurants by downloading its app. The app is available for both Android and iOS users and supports over 500,000 restaurants. The app includes restaurant reviews, menus, and payment options. You can order breakfast, lunch, dinner, family meals, pastries, deli items, and other items. A delivery fee is added to each customer’s tab. After a customer places an order, a driver will pick it up and deliver it to them.

The app includes a built-in tracking system. Customers can thus track the preparation and delivery process. Drivers are independent contractors who are paid for each delivery. A driver’s earnings are determined by mileage, tips, and a flat fee for picking up/dropping off food. It is a subsidiary of Uber, an international ridesharing company. Save money with helpful tips and Uber Eats coupons.

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Why Is Uber Eats Best In The Market?

When you use Uber Eats, the food delivery app that makes ordering from your favorite local restaurants a breeze, you can satisfy any craving with just a few taps.

Uber Eats Coupons

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How You Can Redeem Coupons Codes

  • Choose the items you are interested in from Uber Eats’ selection.
  • Tap the Uber Eats name and then “Wallet” to load the promo code.
  • Go to the checkout page and enter your information.
  • Copy and paste the code where it says “enter offer code.”
  • At the checkout, enter the code in the promotional box.
  • Proceed to the checkout.
  • Then click “apply” to get your discount.
  • On the screen, your savings will be shown.

Food Preparation Request

Customers can request changes to their food preparation. Customers can make special requests in the app’s Special Instructions section.

Alcohol Beverage Policy

Uber Eats offers alcohol delivery but must be 21 years old. Eligible customers must present a valid government-issued ID (driver’s license, passport, military ID, or state ID) to the driver.

Saving Tips | Great Clips

  1. Black Friday Deals: It offers up to $30 off orders on Black Friday. Uber Eats offers a variety of discounts on Black Friday.
  2. Public Holiday Sales: For public holidays such as Labor Day, the Fourth of July, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, it offers an array of discounts.
  3. Sale Section: On the Uber Eats app, go to the “browse” tab to find the “latest deals.” This will show Restaurants offering special promotions to save money.
  4. Follow Social Media: Follow Uber Eats’ official social media channels. You won’t miss a beat when they announce new deals and promotions, or promo codes!

Shop Deal Section | Uber Eats

Check out the “Don’t miss these deals” heading when looking for restaurants in your area.

Sign-up for Uber One | Uber Eats

Regular users should consider signing up for Uber One. The service offers a $0 Delivery Fee, 10% off eligible deliveries and pickup orders, 5% off eligible rides, and more.

Save with App | Uber Eats

Every dollar spent on the app earns customers points. Blue (0 points), Gold (500 points), Platinum (2,500 points), and Diamond are the different point levels (7,500 points). Rewards can be used to pay for Uber or Uber Eats services. Restaurants also offer discounts and promo codes to attract new customers.

Promotional Offers | Uber Eats

UberEATS provides promotional deals for particular eateries. Offers such as free delivery, buy one get one free, etc.

Join Membership Program | Uber Eats

UberEATS offers Eats Pass for $9.99 per month for unlimited free deliveries. Along with other special advantages not available to other users, you will also get 5% off orders over $15. You can try it out for free before paying $9.99 monthly.

Save with Welcome Offer | Uber Eats

They are offering new and exciting offers to attract new customers, so check here for the most recent codes before placing your order! You can take advantage of exciting deals such as free delivery, discounts offers of up to 25% off, and much more.

Refer a Friend | Uber Eats

There is an invite code in their app. You will receive $10 off your subsequent purchase if you share your app’s invite code and someone uses it to make a purchase.

Get Birthday Discount | Uber Eats

The Uber Eats service does not offer a birthday discount. Promotional emails are sent out with limited-time offers and promo codes.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Uber Eats


How can I get Uber Eat 10 Off?

You can visit DiscountMyCart to get your hands on a great coupon deal.

Do Peak and Off-Peak hours differ in any way?

Delivery fees are sometimes higher during peak hours, so consider ordering during off-peak hours.

What is the delivery fee at Uber Eats?

Uber Eats delivery fees are based on driver availability and customer location. The service fee is 15% of the total order ($2 minimum). Its charges may include small orders, alcohol restocking, cancellation, and delivery adjustment fees.

What is the restocking fee for alcohol?

Drivers are prohibited from providing alcohol to underage or intoxicated customers. Ineligible customers receive a refund but are charged a 15% restocking fee.

What are the delivery options for Uber Eats?

Customers can choose to meet the driver at the door, have the order delivered to the door and picked up by the customer (contactless delivery), or meet the Uber Eats driver outside to pick up their food.

How do they handle cancellations at Uber Eats?

Customers can cancel orders directly on the app. A fee may be charged for canceling an order. Refunds may be available if you act quickly. You can request a refund for incomplete or incorrect orders within seven days.




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Twitter: https://twitter.com/ubereats