The Ultimate Guide to Student Discounts in 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Student Discounts in 2024

In the UK, handling money as a student can seem impossible. It’s difficult to make ends meet with rising living and school expenses. But student discounts are a hidden power. We’ll go over what student discounts in the UK are, why companies give them, and how to use them to save costs in this article. Student discounts provide an opportunity to boost your budget, whether it is for benefits or essentials. Now let’s get started and find out how these savings can improve and ease your student life.

Why Do Businesses Offer Discounts to Students?

Businesses are aware that students don’t always have a lot of free cash. To assist, they provide discounts. By offering students a fair deal now, businesses also want to win over future clients who will stick with them.

Finding the Discounts

There are many crucial strategies for finding student discounts:

  • Websites providing Student Discounts: Student discounts are the basis of websites such as UNiDAYS and TOTUM. They provide a wide variety of discounts in a number of areas, including food, travel, tech, and fashion.
  • Retailer Websites: A lot of retailers use their websites to actively advertise their student discounts.
  • In-Store Signs: Look for banners advertising student discounts near the checkout or all over the store.

How Do You Get Extra Savings?

  • Keep your student ID with you at all times: Keep your student ID card at all times. This is your pass to savings.
  • Ask Everywhere: Never shy to ask about student discounts at shops and stores. Unless you ask, they may not always inform you.
  • Take Advantage of Online Savings: Visit sites that offer students savings tips and discounts. They provide you with unique codes so you may shop online.
  • Combine Discounts: For even greater savings, combine your student discount with other offers, if possible.

Best Students Discount UK Codes

Following are the amazing student discounts Uk available for you at your favourite brands, Grab now and avail exclusive discounts:


Student discounts are available at Domino’s, a restaurant popular for its delicious pizzas making it easy and inexpensive for students to satisfy their desires. With Domino’s student discount, you can enjoy delicious food without exceeding the bank, whether you’re working or rewarding yourself with a weekend treat.


Popular online fashion retailer ASOS offers student discounts on stylish apparel, accessories, and shoes. By providing a wide range of styles, ASOS helps students keep their sense of style without being over budget by fulfilling their demands for fashion without going extreme.

New Look:

Students can show off their unique sense of fashion in affordable ways with New Look’s student discounts on its fashionable apparel and accessories. With so many stylish items to choose from, New Look is sure that students can stay up to date.

Gardening Express:

Gardening Express is a UK-based online plant nursery and garden store. It provides a wide range of plants, trees, shrubs, and gardening materials for both novice and seasoned gardeners. Also offers a whooping 22% Garden Express Students discount on its website, Why wait? Grab now And save upto 22% on your next garden purchase.

FAQs – Student Discounts in the UK

Why do companies give discounts to students?

Companies use student discounts to draw in new business and foster brand loyalty among students. They try to give students affordable options because they recognize that they frequently have tight finances.

Where can I get discounts for students?

Student discounts can be found in a few different ways. You can hunt for in-store signs advertising discounts, ask directly at stores or restaurants, or use a specialised website.

I want to get the discount, but do I have to show that I’m a student?

Yes, in order to receive the discount, you will typically need to provide proof that you are a student. Usually, you have to provide your student ID card at the register while making a transaction.

Can I shop online with a student discount?

Yes, you may use a lot of student discounts online. For online purchases, retailers frequently offer special discount codes that you can enter at checkout to activate the discount.

Are student discounts subject to any restrictions?

Depending on the business and the deal, limitations may change. particular products or times may have limited availability for particular deals.


In conclusion, student discounts in UK are a great tool for budgeting while taking full advantage of perks while you’re a student. Students can save hundreds of dollars on a variety of goods and services by learning about discounts, why companies offer them, and how to locate and take advantage of them. These savings on essentials and rewards help students to use their money more widely, which reduces overall costs and raises the overall quality of the student experience.