Essential Makeup Shelf Life Dates for Your UK Beauty Routine

Essential Makeup Shelf Life Dates for Your UK Beauty Routine

Are you someone who is cautious about its makeup product? If yes, then this guide is for you. In this guide, we will tell you about how you can keep your makeup shelf life dates for your UK beauty routine.

Just like any edible item, many Health & beauty products have an expiry and shelf life. Such as lipsticks, ever wondered why they smelled so atrocious when you opened them after a certain period of time, it’s because they had expired a long time ago.

Some products which are non cosmetic, use a Period After Opening (PAO) symbol on the package or on the product itself. The label is there to let you know the days between the day you open the product and the day it expires. This is potentially your makeup shelf life and the countdown begins once it’s opened.

Sometimes without even your knowledge, your product’s shelf life may tend to expire a bit faster than ever before due to keeping it in the worst possible place such as your washroom, the dissipated heat will cause your makeup to expire much faster than its actual expiry date.

According to a survey, unopened cosmetic products are likely to last for two to three years if stored properly.

No matter how long cosmetics are supposed to last, if there is anything which is likely to shift over a certain period of time such as odour, colour or anything which can supposedly change, make sure you dispose of that product right away. Unusual suspects behind those changing colour and odour of that product can possibly lead to some brutal skin or body disease which nobody wants.


Note: It’s important not to use any eye makeup past its expiration date.


Technically you use a brush to apply powder blush, this helps it to extend it’s life for about 2 years, given the fact that you keep your brushes clean. Essentially you should discard your creamy blush right after a year since you are most likely to use your fingers for the application.


Concealer is one of those things which completes your makeup kit, it helps to bridge in the gap between uneven skin tones and blemishes. But if your concealer has expired it can go all the way opposite and cause all kinds of unexpected harm which can be brutal. Liquid concealers tend to expire more quickly with a time duration of 12 months. But after a period of 2 years, it’s time to dispose of it as it can harm your skin.


Eyeliners are used near your eyes. It’s a treat for unusual eye irritations. Don’t keep it for more than 3 months, however, pencil versions are supposed to last longer as the sharpening gets rid of the junk which can potentially cause bacteria to grow back. Nevertheless, it should be disposed of after 3 months in order to avoid any sort of skin disease or damage.


Be very careful and cautious when going for eyeshadow that comes with 36 shades. These tend to have a shelf life of about six to nine months since they are in constant contact with your eyes.


Liquid foundation is purely water-based and it catches bacteria within no time, which means using a slightly old liquid foundation can potentially cause a breakout to your skin in the form of disease. How to know if the liquid foundation is about to expire? When the liquid begins to separate and the color is no longer available and it starts to become more translucent. They have a shelf life of about 12 to 18 months.


Mascara tends to have a much shorter life than any other beauty product, and because it’s easy to apply it’s also necessary to discard it as soon as it crosses its expiry date. Bacteria attract much faster to it than anything else, so it’s better to throw it off after every three to six months.


Skincare products also have an expiry date marked somewhere on them. Any skincare products that are exposed to open air frequently should be disposed of right after 9-12 months. However there is an edge which is likely to be beneficial for skin care products, they do have a pump which can last up to a year or so preserving your product slightly more than its expected life.


Just like blush, powder products including highlighters are more strong and tough than some other cosmetics that have a typical shelf life of 1 to 2 years maximum. To extend their life make sure to keep your brushes clean as it helps to extend and preserve the original shelf life.


These tend to have a much shorter life than the lipsticks, they barely last for 1 year or 18 months and after a year there is a much bigger chance of developing bacteria being developed even though it’s not solely based on water.


Using beauty products and preserving them to make them work more can be a bit challenging work to do as it requires a lot of care and attention. Yes, there are tons of beauty products out there which require different types of care and attention but we have shortlisted and compiled a list of the most common ones that are frequently used at every occasion and event.

You can go through it and have a look at our list and have a proper guide to how you can preserve and to dispose of the ones which have a quick expiry date to avoid any sort of skin disease or major skin breakout.

Our compiled list would definitely help you to keep your makeup set preserved and benefit in the long term when it comes to the longevity of a product.

Make sure you go through it thoroughly and take some notes to be aware of your makeup essentials and its go-to guide which will help you to preserve your beautification set.