The Most Imaginative Mother’s Day Presents. You’ll never pay a dime for them

The Most Imaginative Mother’s Day Presents. You’ll never pay a dime for them

On Mom’s special day! Want to show her how much you care without spending a lot? Great!  Forget fancy stores and expensive gifts. This year, let’s make something special together, just from you to her. It’ll be more fun and way more meaningful!

Making your own gift is more fun than picking something off a shelf, and way more meaningful for Mom too. Imagine the smile on her face when she sees something you made with your own two hands (and maybe a little help from glue!), which will be the perfect personalised Mother’s Day gift for her.

Get ready to let out your inner artist, as we’re going to discuss lots of amazing, cost-free Mother’s Day ideas that will make this Mother’s Day the best one yet!

Thoughtful Gestures To Make Mother’s Day Extra Special

Wondering where to start your search in order to find the perfect gift ideas for mum? Then wonder no more! DiscountMyCart has collected some incredible ideas to make your mom’s Mother’s Day gifts more special and unique this year! Let’s dive in:

  • From the Heart, Straight to the Kitchen!

Moms love yummy treats, so why not whip up something special in the kitchen? If you’re a baking whiz, try making her favourite cookies or cake. Don’t worry if you’re not a master chef – even simple things like decorating pancakes with smiley faces or making a fruit salad

  • Breakfast in Bed for the Queen!

Who doesn’t love being served breakfast in bed? Surprise Mom with a tray of pancakes, toast with her favourite toppings, or even a bowl of cereal and a glass of juice. You can add a little handwritten card telling her how much you love her to make it extra special.

  • Memories in a Jar!

This is a fun and personal gift that Mom can treasure forever. Find a pretty jar and decorate it with paint, markers, or even glitter! Then, write down all the things you love about Mom on small pieces of paper. Fold them up and put them in the jar.

  • The Gift of Relaxation!

Moms work hard, so give her the gift of relaxation! Offer to do her chores for a day, like cleaning her room, washing the dishes, or vacuuming. You could even give her a foot massage or run a warm bath for her.

  • The Power of Words!

Sometimes, the simplest things mean the most. Write Mom a letter telling her how much you appreciate everything she does for you. Tell her all the things you love about her and the funny memories you have together.

  • Sing Your Heart Out!

Does Mom love a good song? Write her a little song or poem! It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just comes from the heart. Even if you’re a little shy, you could sing her favourite song or make up a silly song together.

  • Movie Marathon Magic!

Pick out Mom’s favourite movies (or ones you know she’s been wanting to see) and have a movie marathon! Make popcorn, cuddle up on the couch with some blankets, and enjoy some quality time together.

  • Spa Day at Home!

Give Mom a spa experience at home! Dim the lights, and put on some relaxing music. You could even offer to paint her nails or give her a facial (just mix some honey and oatmeal for a natural face mask!).

  • Design a Loving Masterpiece!

Moms love anything their kids make! Get creative and make her a card, paint a picture, or build something cool out of Legos or construction paper. You could even write a little story about the two of you or make a collage of family photos.

  • The Gift of Time!

The best gift you can give Mom is your time! Put away your phone, turn off the TV, and just spend some quality time together. You could play a board game, go for a walk in the park, read a book together, or just chat and catch up.


You now have it! The choices of perfect Mother’s Day gifts are unlimited.  We tried covering some basic and amazing ideas to get you started and the best part is you can also come up with your own creativity!  So this Mother’s Day, get artistic, cook, or write something that shows how much Mom means to you! Happy Mother’s Day!